Creative Actions Panel: Enhancements Guide

This series of posts will detail each of the various drop down menus in the Creative Actions Panel.

We will start at the top and work our way down, so this being the first post in the series means we’re looking at the Enhancements drop down.

Each of the options in the Enhancements drop down is a group of edits that work together to create a special one-click effect.

Each one has been designed with certain types of images in mind but they can work great on various types of images, so it’s always worth experimenting and trying them on as many images as possible.

Without further ado, let’s get started…

Spring Pastels

This enhancement combines the Winter Morning colour grade with the Just Peachy fill to create a light and airy effect that adds a soft warm light to any portrait.

Cherry Blossom

The Cherry Blossom enhancement adds a warm tint to the shadows of your image, followed by a subtle pop of colour and contrast.

This is a great enhancement for portraits, indoor and outdoor. But it may also breathe life into a landscape or two as well.

Frosty Morning

The Frosty Morning enhancement gives a subtle colour shift towards the cooler end of the spectrum whilst slightly desaturating the image to give your landscapes a bit of a chill.

Soft Colour Pop

The Soft Colour Pop enhancement provides a pleasing burst of colour combined with a soft filmic effect for a look that works especially well on most kinds of portrait.

Day At The Beach

The Day At The Beach enhancement has been designed to give your images a bright and sunny glare to replicate the faded 6×4’s of your family trips to the seaside in years past.

Sunny Disposition

The Sunny Disposition enhancement doubles down on the golden warm colours of the late afternoon sun.

I designed this as a portrait enhancement, but it works great on landscapes too.

Fallen Leaves

The Fallen Leaves enhancement provides a classic vintage effect to your images and can be applied to just about any type of photo.

Hazy Afternoon

This enhancement imbues the feel of a warm hazy afternoon in the sun. Similar (but different) to some of the other enhancements but with the emphasis on the haze.

It works best on outdoor portraits but has lots of potential for other types of image. Definitely one to experiment with.

Forest Floor

The Forest Floor enhancement is designed to be used on mostly green images, whether that actually means in a forest or not.

It gives the shadows a lift, while adding some warmth to the greens across the image.

True Grit

This is a high impact effect that gives your images a distinctive styling. It can work on all kinds of photo, so experimentation is the key with this enhancement.

Winter Warmer

Whether it’s a cool winter landscape or something a little more intimate, the Winter Warmer enhancement will warm your cockles with a kick of golden light in the highlights that just seems to work.

This enhancement is best used on an image that starts out with a cool or cold feel to it.

The Big Chill

The Big Chill Enhancement is the rival of the Winter Warmer.

The Big Chill will take the whites of your image and add just the right amount of icy cold blues to send a shiver through you.

It works great on Landscapes and Portraits alike.

What’s next

This post provides examples and hints on how best to use the 12 Enhancements currently available in the panel.

However – this is the TIP OF THE ICEBERG!

There’s so much more you can do with the panel which I will be covering in future posts.

For now, click the pink button below to watch a 30 minute video walkthrough for a hint of what else you can do with the countless options and combinations available, and to get your copy.